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Vito Tree Care

No matter how simple or complicated the job, SAFETY is our first concern


Tree Removal (Takedowns)
Tree removal (takedown) can sometimes be tricky. Trees often are surrounded by beautiful landscapes and expensive plants or garden structures, which requires experienced workers and equipment that can handle the task. A regular removal involves cutting the tree down, chipping all limbs, cutting the trunk into logs and leaving the stump as near to ground level as possible

Tree Removal  ~ Takedowns

Stump removal is another type of service we offer. The stump is ground out below ground level. We have 3 different size stump grinding machines, which gives us more flexibility to handle a variety of jobs.

Stump Removal

Pruning and trimming trees is important to the health and appearance of the tree. The upkeep of a tree should aid in the health and life of a tree, as well as, providing a safer environment around the tree.

Pruning & Trimming

Cabling ~ Excavating ~ Crane Service ~ Bucket Truck


Certified ISA  arborist  NJ 0985A